Headquartered in Metro Detroit, eLumigen was created to apply the most advanced technology from the automotive lighting industry to solve the growing need for LED lamps that have both durability and exceptional light quality. Looking to the future, eLumigen is actively developing smart lamp & luminaire solutions (IoT), as well as LED replacements for HID.

You don't have to settle for low-quality LED lamps nor inefficient legacy technology. Experience eLumigen's commercial-grade alternative, LED lighting proudly designed and engineered in Detroit.

See the Difference.


Our lamps are proven to withstand vibration exceeding 20Gs without failure. We utilize innovative blow molded technology, surface mount processing and solder-free interconnects so that our lamps won’t shake apart in harsh conditions.


Constructed of durable polycarbonate and shatterproof plastic, our LED lamps are suited for the toughest of conditions. This improves both safety and energy efficiency.


Incandescent, florescent and CFL lamps emit UV rays; which cause fading, discoloration, degeneration of organic materials and also attracts unwanted insects. Our light emissions are 100% UV-free—no damage, no bugs.


Our lamp circuitry is designed to more effectively manage current, eliminating the potential for system failure when using multiple lamps on a single dimmer. Because of the unique way our lamps bring in power, there’s no turn-on delay.

Reliable Production/Delivery

eLumigen products are manufactured by Lear Corporation, a major automotive electronic supplier with multiple North American production facilities. This partnership ensures reliable, quality production of our lamps.


Variations and interruptions in the light output can cause flickering, which can lead to headaches and general discomfort. Our lamps use a unique electronic architecture that eliminates any visible flicker.


Our unique temperature foldback design improves both safety and thermal management of our lamps. Our built-in sensors allow the lamp to intelligently manage its own operating temperature.

High Efficiency

Built with interconnects that eliminate dangling wires and exposed metal pieces, our lamps minimize heat and energy loss while maximizing light output. They are three times more efficient than halogen lamps.

Rigorously Tested

eLumigen deploys a unique 21-point validation process that goes above and beyond industry standards in ensuring mechanical, optical and electrical robustness of all our products, allowing for optimal performance every time.

Extremely High Color Quality

With a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90, our lamps offer best-in-class optical efficacy for color perception. We use only the highest fidelity chips from niche suppliers, giving our lamps the ability to render more detail and more contrast.

Exceptional Light Quality

Our lamps deliver a more consistent, coherent and pleasing light for a variety of needs. Our lamps utilize patented beam shaping technology that help each light more effectively fill the room, even in high ceiling applications.


Long Live Your Lamps.

Through more durable construction and innovative technology for heat management, eLumigen lamps offer the ONLY warranty covering continuous 24/7 operation. They also last approximately 25X longer than the average incandescent bulb, 3X longer than CFLs, and 12X longer than halogen lamps. Our 5-year warranty for high hours per day of commercial use is unmatched in the industry.


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