The LED Filament HID Replacement Lamp: A Solution for Wet, Damp and Dry Locations


Overcoming Lighting Challenges in Different Environments

When it comes to lighting, diverse environmental conditions pose unique challenges. Traditional lighting systems often fail to deliver optimal performance in wet, damp, and dry locations. In contrast, the eLumigen LED Filament HID Replacement Lights are built to thrive in such environments, ensuring consistent and high-quality illumination regardless of the prevailing conditions.

The LED Filament HID Replacement Lamp’s Features: A Masterclass in Versatility

The eLumigen LED Filament HID Replacement Lamp comes with several standout features. This 34W, UL Type B lamp operates on either AC or DC voltage, making it versatile in different electrical setups. It can be installed in enclosed fixtures and is rated for a 25,000-hour lifespan. Remarkably, this lamp can operate efficiently in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 113°F. These features, combined with its ability to produce 6,500 lumens without needing a separate ballast, driver, or fan, make it a true standout in its category compared to existing LED Corncob models.

The Benefits Derived from the Lamp’s Features

The eLumigen lamp’s features result in multiple benefits. The significant energy efficiency helps reduce operational costs, while the long lifespan minimizes the need for frequent replacements. The ability to perform optimally in different environmental conditions enhances its versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Moreover, the lamp’s compatibility with both AC and DC voltage increases its usability in different electrical configurations a feature many other lamps do not have. Since it uses no fans or ballast, just direct power, there are fewer failure points. Much like the traditional High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide lamp design, the eLumigen model has a full omnidirectional beam angle, making it a direct, energy-saving replacement

Applications of the LED Filament HID Replacement Lamp

Given its resilience and versatility, the LED Filament HID Replacement Lamp finds a broad spectrum of applications. It can be used in wall packs, shoebox/area lights, and parking lot fixtures, as well as amusement parks, assembly and manufacturing plants, and mines. It’s also ideal for municipal facilities, oil rigs, power plants, roadway lighting and underground tunnels, – essentially any setting that demands consistent, high-quality illumination.

How the LED Filament HID Replacement Lamp Distinguishes Itself

In comparison to traditional lighting solutions, the LED Filament HID Replacement Lamp stands out. Its ability to operate in wet, damp, and dry conditions, coupled with its energy efficiency and long lifespan, sets it apart. Moreover, its compatibility with both AC and DC voltage and its suitability for enclosed fixtures given its smaller size, further distinguish it from its competitors. Save energy and operating costs with the eLumigen omnidirectional HID lamp and replace those pervasive lumen-depreciated LED corncobs.

In conclusion, the LED Filament HID Replacement Lamp is an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile, durable, and efficient lighting solution. When considering a lighting upgrade, be sure to explore the eLumigen range of high-quality HID LED lights. Trust in eLumigen to provide reliable and efficient lighting for all your operational needs.