Rough Service Lighting


eLumigen lamps offer the durability your harsh environment demands.

Ideal for rough service applications, the A19 & PAR Series lamp is engineered for high efficiency, vibration resistance, shatter-resistance, elevated heat environments, and wet locations. These dimmable LED Lamps help reduce energy costs, labor costs, and the headaches of frequent lamp changes in tough applications. eLumigen employs a unique 21-point validation process that goes above and beyond industry standards. Our lamps have been tested to survive levels of vibration exceeding 20G forces. Our unique temperature foldback design improves both safety and thermal management of our lamps. Lamp diffusers are constructed of an advanced polycarbonate material that will not shatter. Our 5-year warranty is unmatched in the industry, for our rough service lighting.

A19 bulb durable LED for harsh environments


Amusement parks
Auto repair shops
Boiler rooms
Caged work lights
Construction sites
Fully enclosed fixtures
Garage door openers
Industrial sites
Livestock / Poultry Farms
Oil & Gas refineries
Work shops


Base Type: E26

Operating Temperature:
-40°F to 120°F
-40°C to 48°C

Rated Life (L70):
25,000 Hours


Power Factor:
≥ 0.90

Input Voltage:


Suitable for Wet, Damp, & Dry locations

Enclosed fixtures rated

5 year limited

Compatible Dimmers

Lutron Model Numbers


Leviton Model Numbers


Legrand Harmony Model Numbers


eLumigen vs. the competition

eLumigen distinguishes itself in the lighting industry with its shatter-resistant and robust A19 design. Our bulbs are engineered with a potted interior, a feature that safeguards the bulb's driver from potential damages caused by vibration and thermal shock. This advanced design not only prolongs the longevity of the bulb but also facilitates an additional thermal path to the base, ensuring optimal heat dissipation. While standard A19 bulbs offered by the competition may be susceptible to premature failure due to harsh conditions, eLumigen's A19 bulb represents a paradigm shift in resilience and reliability. Our A19 stands as a testament to eLumigen's commitment to offering superior and more durable lighting solutions to our customers, outshining competitors' offerings in both performance and longevity.

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