High Performance Industrial LED Lighting

We design and manufacture best-in-class lamps and industrial lights, known for their durability, performance and energy savings.

high performance industrial lights on warehouse ceiling

Commercial-Grade LED Lighting of exceptional build quality.

Our company pioneered the first contractor-grade line of award-winning LED rough service lamps and industrial lights for harsh environments. We build industry leading led lighting solutions that are known for their reliability and durability.

Best-in-class LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures

Our LED lighting fixtures and bulbs are torture tested and designed for reliability. Gone are the days of frequent lamp changes in tough, hard to reach areas. Our luminaries are designed for efficiency, feature no visible flicker, are fully dimmable and boast industry-leading life expectancy.

Retrofitting old or low light fixtures with the eLumigen LED Rectangular High Bay is an easy and smart solution
for warehouse and assembly areas. At only 220 watts, this rugged fixture illuminates in a 120-degree beam
angle throughout the area. Enhanced energy-savings with an optional built-in motion sensor to help reduce
plant and facility energy costs. Utility rebates are also available with the DLC 5.1 certification. The eLumigen
Rectangular High Bay is the optimal solution for lighting large areas

48 High Bay Hang

Our Rough Service LED Lights are designed with the following industries in mind:


Food Processing

Mills & Mines

Power Plants

Commercial Construction

Automotive Manufacturing

Public Spaces

Aerospace Manufacturing

Schools & Education


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