Paint & Inspection Booth Lighting

Field replaceable LED retrofit paint booth lights solution for paint booth and inspection area lighting

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Paint Booth Lights

The purpose of paint booth lights and inspection lighting is to provide adequate illumination for painting and inspection operations. In a paint booth, proper lighting is essential for achieving high-quality finishes and ensuring that no areas are missed during the painting process. The right lighting can also help painters achieve accurate color matching and avoid costly mistakes.

Inspection Lighting

Inspection lighting, on the other hand, is used to examine painted surfaces for defects and imperfections, ensuring that the finished product meets quality standards. Adequate lighting is crucial for detecting even the smallest imperfections and ensuring that they are corrected before the final product is delivered. With the right paint booth lights and inspection lighting, businesses can improve the quality of their finished products, reduce the risk of errors and defects, and increase overall productivity.

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Key Goals & Results

Plant Investment: Solved Energy Efficiency; ~60% depending on existing lamps

Quality Improvement: Better Defect detection & Inspection

Increased Worker Safety: No Broken Glass Tubes

Satisfied Cost-measures: Energy Reduction

Improving Quality of Inspection

Decreased Down-time: Minimized Replacements

No Mercury: Eliminated Mercury-containing fluorescent tubes & solved Environmental Concerns

Install Time: Minimal rework with less than 30 minutes retrofit time per fixture

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