Top 5 Things to Look for in a Rough Service Lamp


Facility managers now have new and improved lamp solutions for harsh environment applications. Harsh environments are typically applications involving high operating temperatures, rough handling, impacts, and high levels of vibration. Typical applications are jelly jars, IC-rated downlights, enclosed fixtures for wet locations, livestock facilities, laboratories, testing facilities, construction light strings, industrial sites, and food service areas.

New types of rough service lamps are entering the market, but not all rough service bulbs are created equal. Below are five things to look for when choosing a rough service lamp for your facility’s harshest environments:

  • LED – Cheap LED lamps don’t survive high levels of heat, impacts, and vibration, but there are now industrial-grade LED rough service lamps available. Say goodbye to incandescent rough service lamps and capture the energy savings and extra long lifetimes of industrial-grade LED rough service lamps.
  • Heat tolerant – Look for lamps that are able to take the heat. While incandescent rough service lamps were impervious to heat, low-cost LED lamps will die prematurely when operated in high heat. Look for LED rough service lamps certified for “enclosed luminaires.” These lamps are 3rd-party tested for survival & safety when operated at elevated temperatures. Another important feature to look for is a lamp with thermal-foldback technology, which monitors the temperatures within the lamp and slightly ‘throttles-back’ the power, if temperatures approach the limits of rated operation.
  • Shatter-proof – Incandescent rough service lamps are typically silicone-coated, which holds the glass shards of a smashed lamp, but those lamps still break upon significant impact. Instead, seek a shatter-proof LED lamp, one that is made with an advanced polycarbonate diffuser.
  • Vibration-proof – Shaking & rattling from nearby machinery, construction equipment or even a frequently slammed door can damage the fragile filaments & cathodes in incandescent and CFL lamps, respectively. Look for an LED rough service lamp torture tested under extreme vibration, as high as 20G forces.
  • Low electromagnetic interference (Low-EMI) – Environments with wireless sensors, wireless controls, and other sensitive equipment can experience problems from low-cost LED lamps that emit significant electromagnetic interference (EMI). Worse yet, the EMI multiples when many LED lamps are placed on a circuit, and even more so when cheap LED lamps are dimmed. Find an LED rough service lamp offering low-EMI.

Today, there is a new solution for facility managers that meets all five criteria above, eLumigen LED rough service lamps. This line is “torture tested” to provide unrivaled durability in harsh environments:

  • Heat-tolerant, rated for enclosed luminaires with innovative thermal-foldback heat management technology
  • Shatter-proof, made of advanced polycarbonate material
  • Vibration-proof, proven to withstand high vibration loads, as high as 20G forces
  • Low-EMI to prevent interference with sensitive electronics

In addition, eLumigen LED rough service lamps are:

  • Glare-free, without reduced intensity
  • Flicker-free, with innovative technology for managing variation in output
  • Guaranteed for 30,000 hours continuous rough service use – 50,000 hours continuous standard use
  • High efficiency, up to 80 lumens per watt
  • Dimmable
  • Very high power factor of 0.98
  • Low inrush current

Mahendra Dassanayake, eLumigen CTO stated, “The eLumigen rough service lamps have been torture tested and are warrantied for 30,000 hours of 24/7 rough service use. There is no other lamp on the market with this warranty.”

The first rough service models released include 40W and 60W equivalent A lamps, BR30s, BR38s, PAR30s, and PAR38s. Additional options include CCTs of 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K, as well as 20 degree and 40 degree beam angle options for the PAR lamps. The company will soon release 75W and 100W versions. To learn more, visit or email [email protected].

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eLumigen is a manufacturer of premium performance LED lamps, including an industry-leading line of rough service LED lamps. eLumigen products are proudly designed and manufactured in North America.

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