Rugged Performance

LED Rectangular High Bay

eLumigen Fixtures Offer Quiet Durability and Performance

Retrofitting old or low lights with the eLumigen LED Rectangular High Bay is a remarkably easy and intelligent solution for illuminating warehouse and assembly areas. This rugged fixture, operating at a mere 220 watts, emits a brilliant glow encompassing a 120-degree beam angle, effectively illuminating the entire area with utmost efficiency.

This ingenious lighting solution boasts enhanced energy-saving capabilities, thanks to an optional built-in motion sensor. By incorporating this sensor, not only does it ensure optimal illumination precisely when needed, but it also aids in reducing plant and facility energy costs significantly. It stands as a testament to the eLumigen's commitment to providing not only powerful lighting but also cost-effective and environmentally conscious solutions.

The eLumigen Rectangular High Bay has received the esteemed DLC 5.1 certification, qualifying it for utility rebates. These rebates offer a valuable incentive for businesses and organizations seeking to embrace sustainable lighting technologies while minimizing their financial investment. By utilizing the eLumigen LED Rectangular High Bay and taking advantage of utility rebates, establishments can effectively align their lighting needs with their environmental objectives.

The eLumigen Rectangular High Bay's versatility makes it the optimal choice for illuminating vast spaces. Whether it's a sprawling warehouse or an expansive assembly area, this cutting-edge lighting fixture guarantees consistent brightness throughout, ensuring a well-lit environment for increased productivity and safety.

The eLumigen LED Rectangular High Bay is an outstanding solution for upgrading old or low lights. With its energy-efficient design, motion sensor option, and eligibility for utility rebates, it proves to be a wise and economical investment for businesses looking to enhance their lighting infrastructure while reducing energy costs. Whether you need to illuminate large warehouses or assembly areas, the eLumigen Rectangular High Bay shines as the ultimate choice, providing unmatched illumination and efficiency.

led high bay lights


Brilliant, energy-saving LEDs
Photometric Sensor (optional)
Dimmable 0-10V
cETLus listed
DLC 5.1 Listed
50,000 Hour Life
5 Year Warranty


High Bay Areas
Retail Shops
Manufacturing Plants
Education Facilities
Assembly Plants
Athletic Complexes
Municipal Facilities
Parking Garages
Industrial Locations


140 LpW

120° Beam Angle

0-10V Dimmable

5000K CCT


Length: 47.5” (120.8cm)

Width: 15.8” (40.1cm)

Height: 1.6” (4.0cm)

Fixture weight: ~2.9 lbs. (1.3 kg)

Operating Temp: -4°F to 131°F (-20°C to +55°C)

Mounting Chain Included




Power Factor >0.9

THD <20%

Motion Sensor Ready