eLumigen 120-277V 100W A19 Series LED Bulb: The Solution for Durable, Efficient Light in Harsh Environments

120 277V 100W A19 SERIES LED bulb

Whether it’s for rough service applications or demanding environments, selecting the right light can be a challenging task. However, the eLumigen 120-277V 100W A19 Series LED bulb is here to save the day. These lamps are ideal for situations that require universal voltage lamps, such as construction sites, auto workshops, amusement parks, and more.

These high-efficiency lamps offer a number of solutions to common problems. They’re designed to be shatter-resistant, which is an invaluable feature in high-vibration or elevated heat environments. Furthermore, they’re rated for wet locations, making them versatile for various uses such as parking lot and walkway bollards. Unlike LED corncobs, the eLumigen A19 size can fit multiple E26 (medium screw) base applications all while demonstrating rugged durability.

Key Features of the eLumigen 100W A19 120-277V Series

eLumigen’s 100W A19 series lamps come packed with features designed to withstand tough applications. They have been tested to survive levels of vibration exceeding 20G forces – a testament to their robustness. The unique temperature holdback design not only improves safety but also enhances the thermal management of the lamps.

The lamp diffusers are made from an advanced polycarbonate material that will not shatter, making these lamps an excellent choice for rough service lighting. Moreover, they’re also beneficial for energy and labor cost reduction due to their high efficiency and reduced need for frequent changes.

Advantages of the eLumigen Lights

The benefits of these lamps extend beyond their ruggedness and energy efficiency. Their 21-point validation process goes above and beyond industry standards, ensuring the highest quality product. Not to mention, we offer a five-year warranty that is unmatched in the industry for rough service lighting.

Industrial Applications of the 100W A19 Series

These lamps find their applications in a myriad of harsh environments. From the construction sites and caged work lights of industrial signs to auto workshops, food service, amusement parks, and even livestock facilities, these lights are up to the task. They can also be used in fully enclosed fixtures, making them suitable for tunnels, bridges, boiler rooms, gymnasiums, and marinas. With a universal voltage of 120-277V, manufacturing environments, petrol and refinery facilities now have both a durable light source and energy efficiency at only 12.5 watts.

Differentiation from Existing Options

The eLumigen 100W A19 series stands out from other products in the light market. Their capability to survive extreme vibration levels, their safety-focused temperature holdback design, and their shatter-proof construction set them apart. Plus, our 5-year warranty speaks volumes about our confidence in our products’ quality and longevity.

In conclusion, for all your harsh environment lighting needs, consider the eLumigen 100W A19 120-277V series universal voltage LED bulb. Engineered for durability, safety, and efficiency, these lights are designed to deliver performance without compromise.