3 Factors That Impact The Cost Of Retrofitting With LED Lights

warehouse ceiling with retrofit led light bars

The decision to retrofit your location with LED lights isn’t merely about switching old bulbs with new ones. Several key factors play a vital role in influencing the cost of such projects, and understanding these factors can help businesses make informed choices. At eLumigen, we understand the intricacies of industrial lighting solutions and work diligently to ensure our clients get the best possible outcomes.

Problems Our Experts Will Help Alleviate

Retrofitting traditional lighting systems with LED solutions can seem like a daunting task. Concerns regarding costs, facility adaptability, lighting quality, and operational requirements often plague decision-makers. Moreover, reducing energy bills, boosting environmental responsibility, and enhancing aesthetic appeal, while essential goals, add layers to the decision-making process. Navigating through these considerations without expert guidance can lead to suboptimal results.

3 Crucial Factors That Affect Cost

At the heart of a successful retrofitting project lie 3 crucial factors. Firstly, the facility itself plays a significant role, with aspects like building size, structure, hours of operation, existing electrical service, and industry specifications influencing costs. Secondly, the condition of your existing lighting system can be an issue if major repairs are needed. And thirdly, your desired lighting, and the lighting requirements of your future business goals can increase expenses if you need to greatly increase your lighting capacity or make major renovations. However, eLumigen LED lamps and fixtures can drastically help decrease lighting and energy cost in the long run.

The Benefits Of Retrofitting with eLumigen LED

It’s not just about energy savings when you retrofit with eLumigen LED lights. Our lights are vibration-proof, resisting up to 20Gs of vibration. They’re constructed from durable materials, making them shatter-resistant, ensuring longevity and safety. The emissions are 100% UV-free, eliminating the risks of fading and deterioration common with traditional lighting. Designed for compatibility, our lights don’t have frustrating turn-on delays. They are flicker-free, ensuring a comfortable lighting environment. Their high lumens per watt efficiency ensures minimal energy loss. Our rigorous testing protocols, involving a 21-point validation process, ensure every product meets the highest standards. With high color quality, our lights are ideal for precision tasks, and their exceptional light quality ensures optimal illumination even in vast industrial spaces.

Industrial/Commercial Applications

The unparalleled durability and efficiency of eLumigen LED lights make them ideal for a broad spectrum of industrial and commercial applications. From large warehouses and manufacturing units requiring precise light quality to commercial spaces aiming to reduce their carbon footprint, our solutions fit seamlessly.

Differentiation from existing items:

Unlike many LED solutions in the market, eLumigen products prioritize both functionality and sustainability. Our innovative technologies ensure a combination of durability, efficiency, and aesthetics not commonly found in the industry. The rigorous testing and emphasis on holistic performance set our products apart.

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In the world of LED retrofitting, understanding the influencing factors and choosing the right product is paramount. With eLumigen’s high-performance LED solutions, businesses can achieve their lighting goals efficiently and sustainably. If you’re considering an upgrade or need advice on the ideal lighting solution for your space, don’t hesitate. Reach out to eLumigen today and let us illuminate your path to a brighter, more sustainable future.