An Overview of eLumigen A19 & PAR Series’ Lamp Diffuser

A19 bulb

A lamp diffuser is a component that spreads or scatters light emitted from the light source, in our case, an LED. eLumigen A19 & PAR Series lamps have diffusers made of advanced polycarbonate material that serve several functions such as light distribution, glare reduction, and safety measures.

Light Distribution

The primary role of the diffuser is to distribute light evenly. Without a diffuser, the light from an LED can be very intense and focused, creating harsh shadows and bright spots. The diffuser softens the light, spreading it more uniformly across an area, which is essential for comfortable and effective lighting.

Glare Reduction

By scattering the light, diffusers help in reducing glare, which can be a common issue with powerful LED due to their high intensity and brightness, their direction output not found in traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, and cooler color temperatures. Our lamp diffuser makes the light easier on the eyes and more suitable for various applications.

Protection and Safety

The use of advanced polycarbonate material for the diffuser of the eLumigen A19 LED also adds a layer of durability and safety. Polycarbonate is known for its high impact resistance and will not shatter like glass. This makes the lamps safer to handle and use, particularly in environments where breakage is a concern, such as in industrial settings or public spaces.

Save Money with eLumigen A19 & PAR Series high efficiency LEDs

With the lamp diffuser of the eLumigen A19 & PAR Series, our lamps provide even, glare-free lighting while also offering a durable build with vibration and shatter resistance. Contact us today for all product and project inquiries!