LED Warehouse Lighting with eLumigen Rectangular High Bay Fixtures

led warehouse lighting

eLumigen LED Rectangular High Bay fixtures are crafted to counter common challenges in warehouse and assembly area LED lighting. Traditional systems frequently miss the mark, leading to escalated energy costs, continuous maintenance, and the inconvenience of regular replacements. By providing efficient, enduring, and high-performing lighting, these fixtures illuminate a path to overcoming such obstacles, ensuring facilities are well-lit, cost-effective, and operationally efficient.

What are the key features?

Key to the eLumigen fixtures are their low energy consumption at 220 watts, expansive 120-degree beam angle for thorough coverage, and the option of an integrated motion sensor to further energy savings. Their construction boasts a DLC 5.1 certification, dimmable 0-10V support, a substantial 50,000-hour lifespan, and a reassuring 5-year warranty. The use of advanced polycarbonate materials enhances the fixtures’ durability and safety, marking a significant advancement in lighting technology.

What is the beneficial advantage to those features?

These features collectively offer significant advantages, including reduced operational costs through energy efficiency and motion-sensing capabilities, extensive area coverage, and financial incentives via utility rebates thanks to DLC 5.1 certification. The long lifespan and warranty minimize the need for replacements, thereby reducing maintenance costs and ensuring continuous, reliable lighting.

Industrial/Commercial Applications for this Product

Designed for versatility, eLumigen LED Rectangular High Bay fixtures are perfectly suited for a variety of settings. From high bay areas and warehouses to retail spaces, manufacturing plants, and beyond, these fixtures provide the necessary illumination for productivity and safety, demonstrating their adaptability across multiple industrial and commercial applications.

Differentiation from existing items

Setting these fixtures apart is their blend of energy-saving design, durability, and certified performance, all backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty. The inclusion of an energy-saving motion sensor, broad beam angle for superior coverage, and utility rebate eligibility underscore their unique value proposition. Their ease of installation and low maintenance demands further distinguish eLumigen offerings from conventional options, positioning them as a forward-thinking choice for businesses upgrading their lighting systems.


eLumigen LED Rectangular High Bay fixtures represent a leap forward in addressing the nuanced needs of LED warehouse lighting. By merging innovative features with unparalleled durability and performance, these fixtures not only illuminate spaces but also offer a sustainable, cost-effective solution. As businesses navigate the complexities of maintaining well-lit, productive environments, eLumigen stands ready to light the way forward, proving that the right lighting can indeed transform a space from merely functional to truly exceptional.