eLumigen A19 Lamps are Perfect for Dry and Wet Location LED Lighting

wet location led lighting

LED lamps have revolutionized the lighting industry with their efficiency and longevity, but their performance can be significantly affected by the environment in which they are installed. Dry and wet location LED lighting pose unique challenges to LED lamps, affecting their functionality, durability, and overall performance. However, the eLumigen A19 LED lamp is specifically designed to overcome these challenges, ensuring reliable and consistent lighting in various environmental conditions.

Challenges in Wet Locations

Wet locations, characterized by the presence of water or moisture, can be particularly harsh on LED lamps. The main issue arises from the LED’s electrical components and circuitry, which are sensitive to moisture. Water can cause short circuits, corrosion, and even complete failure of the LED driver, the component that regulates the power to the LED. This not only affects the light output and quality but also accelerates wear and tear on the internal components, reducing the lamp’s lifespan. Traditional LED lamps may also face challenges with sealing and insulation, making them vulnerable to moisture ingress.

Challenges in Dry Locations

While dry locations do not present the risk of moisture, they come with their own set of challenges for LED lamps. Dry environments, especially those that are particularly hot or cold, can affect the thermal management of an LED lamp. LEDs generate heat during operation, and effective dissipation of this heat is crucial to maintain performance and longevity. In dry but hot locations, inadequate heat dissipation can lead to overheating, which can degrade the LED chip and other internal components over time, shortening the bulb’s lifetime. In contrast, in dry and cold environments, the LED’s startup time and brightness can be negatively impacted.

The eLumigen A19 LED Lamp Solution

The eLumigen A19 LED lamp is purposefully engineered to excel in both wet and dry locations, addressing the specific challenges posed by these environments. For wet locations, the lamp features a robust design with superior sealing and waterproofing techniques. The housing is made from materials resistant to corrosion and moisture ingress, ensuring that the sensitive electrical components are protected from water and humidity. This design not only prevents short circuits and corrosion but also helps prevent condensation within the lamp, maintaining optimal light output and quality.

For dry locations, especially those with temperature extremes, the eLumigen A19 LED lamp incorporates advanced thermal management technologies. The lamp is designed to efficiently dissipate heat, preventing overheating in hot conditions and ensuring consistent performance in cold temperatures. This is achieved through the use of proprietary heat sinks and materials that facilitate heat dissipation, as well as circuitry that adjusts to temperature changes, ensuring the lamp operates efficiently across a wide range of environmental conditions.

In both wet and dry conditions, the eLumigen A19 LED lamp is also fully dimmable, making it an optimal choice for applications that require dim lighting. The unique combination of wet-rated and dimmability provide for unparalleled performance in multiple usages.


Environmental conditions play a significant role in the performance and durability of LED lamps. Dry and wet location LED lighting poses risks of moisture-related damage and thermal management of the lamps. The eLumigen A19 LED lamp is a versatile solution designed to withstand the challenges of both wet and dry environments. With its robust construction, advanced sealing techniques, and superior thermal management, the eLumigen A19 LED lamp ensures reliable, efficient, and long-lasting lighting, regardless of the surrounding conditions. This makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, offering peace of mind and reduced maintenance for users.