eLumigen A19 Lamps are Perfect for Dry and Wet Location LED Lighting

wet location led lighting

LED lamps have revolutionized the lighting industry with their efficiency and longevity, but their performance can be significantly affected by the environment in which they are installed. Dry and wet location LED lighting pose unique challenges to LED lamps, affecting their functionality, durability, and overall performance. However, the eLumigen A19 LED lamp is specifically designed…

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eLumigen A19 Vibration Resistant Bulbs

vibration resistant bulbs

eLumigen A19 LED lamps are designed and built as vibration-resistant bulbs, addressing the durability needs in environments exposed to constant vibration and shaking. This innovation is crucial for spaces where standard LED bulbs underperform due to the physical demands of their surroundings. The Mechanics of Vibration Resistance eLumigen LED lamps are engineered to endure the…

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An Overview of eLumigen A19 & PAR Series’ Lamp Diffuser

A19 bulb

A lamp diffuser is a component that spreads or scatters light emitted from the light source, in our case, an LED. eLumigen A19 & PAR Series lamps have diffusers made of advanced polycarbonate material that serve several functions such as light distribution, glare reduction, and safety measures. Light Distribution The primary role of the diffuser…

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