eLumigen Rough Service Lamps: Combining Durability with Efficiency

rough service lamps

eLumigen is pioneering a revolution in the industrial and commercial lighting sector with our “torture-tested” line of LED lamps. These rough service lamps are specifically engineered to thrive in demanding environments where traditional lighting often falters, marking a significant stride in durable and efficient lighting solutions. Problems we solve and the pain points we help…

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A19 Bulbs and Their Potted Interiors

a19 bulbs

In the world of lighting technology, A19 bulbs stand out for their efficiency, longevity, and versatility. A critical aspect of their design, which plays a significant role in these benefits, is the ‘potted’ interior – a design feature where the internal components are encased in a solid or gel-like substance. This process, often overlooked, is…

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Revolutionize Your Lighting Experience with eLumigen Products, Now Available on Zoro

Exciting news for all lighting enthusiasts! eLumigen, a renowned brand known for its rugged, spec-grade LED lamps and fixtures, has recently partnered with Zoro.com to make their innovative solutions more accessible than ever. Zoro, a leading online platform for industrial and commercial supplies, now offers a wide range of eLumigen industrial lighting products that cater…

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A Light Above the Rest: The eLumigen A19 Series Bulbs for Rough Environments

A19 bulb

In harsh environments, regular bulbs struggle to withstand the test of time. Their durability often falls short under extreme conditions, leading to inadequate lighting over an extended period. To make matters worse, these hostile conditions lead to rapid wear and tear, necessitating frequent replacements. This constant need for replacements is not just inconvenient, but it…

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The LED Filament HID Replacement Lamp: A Solution for Wet, Damp and Dry Locations

Overcoming Lighting Challenges in Different Environments When it comes to lighting, diverse environmental conditions pose unique challenges. Traditional lighting systems often fail to deliver optimal performance in wet, damp, and dry locations. In contrast, the eLumigen LED Filament HID Replacement Lights are built to thrive in such environments, ensuring consistent and high-quality illumination regardless of…

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eLumigenReleases Industry’s First 120-277V, 100W A19, Rough Service, LED Lamps

eLumigen, a premium performance lighting company for harsh commercial and industrial applications, today announced the release of its universal voltage (120-277V)100W equivalent A19 LED Rough Service lamps. These are the lighting industry’s first LED lamp line combining 120-277V, 100W equivalent 1600 lumens, enclosed fixture rated, wet location rated, A19 size, shatter proof, tested to 20G…

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eLumigen Launches LED Vapor Tight Linear Lowbay Fixtures

Today, eLumigen launched their new 4’ LED Vapor Tight Linear Lowbay fixtures. The company specializes in LED lighting for harsh commercial and industrial environments. The new LED Vapor Tight Linear Lowbay fixtures come with an extremely durable housing, including an IK10 protection rating to withstand up to 11lbs of impact. The fixtures have an IP66…

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